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ALightFromWithin.Org Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy Presents to you "We Bless You" Blog series of Sacred Song Blessings for the World. Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman and Sacred Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle. Welcome into our Hearts and We Bless You!
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Song for the World, Heaven on Earth

Come and watch the sunrise today. Come and be the heart that says.  I'm going to be a sun dance day. I'm going to play. Here upon this broken land, my heart does open it's hands.  I don't know where to run, other than seeking the sun.

Walking holding everyone, I think I'm going to have some fun. And when I'm near your heart, I will share all my parts.  We the rainbow clan do live, inside a cloud, where God does gift.  We are the heart of everyone, doing our part under the sun.

Gather together a heart that is pure.  Walk into castles (four sides the flesh, the skin that protects and holds; moat-body of water that protects and embraces; draw bridge-traveling the realms when you follow the law within, like heaven; four corner pillars-protection, united force), that need your care.  Open the doors and watch them flow in, when you say, "Come on In". Watch your step (follow the law of love) and win (d, freedom, traveling the golden thread, be happy).

God is creation all these days, I hope I can learn to walk and pray.  Being everything I need to bee.  Let our hearts achieve.  God is coming to our hearts.  You can see it all impart.  There inside the buffalo home, a shining reflective dome (a light from within). 

Our souls do fly away, high in the sky today.  We walk on clouds to play.  We find always a way (validate, negotiate, validate, renegotiate).  We look into other's hearts.  We think we are not apart, but we must learn to give, the validation that we need (even if we are a mirror of the part, all needs loving reassurance that they were heard, regardless of how it was said).

Going over rolling hills.  My heart is so fulfilled.  I am glory God indeed.  Can't you feel me breath.  I am for the truth of love, walking talking from the doves (flocking together, rainbow warriors who make the stand, uniting those who need a hand).  We do gather come to hearts, we are souls (eternal, everlasting life), that do impart (wisdom of the eternal ages). 

Oneness has come, to twin our living sun. And now it's time, for all of us to shine.  Glory to each day.  We are the image God says.  And we are going to promise land, just like prophecy stands.

Believe in your heart in all you say.  Remember to back it up with a display.  And you will be walking the right way over rolling hills (rainbow streams of light). And there we shall find the halls, where company is just a call.  And there our hearts survive, to know that God is here inside all the time.  We did only ask, "What is your name.  Now let me bless you in the wind".

(♥ oneness ♥)
It's looking for your soul now.  It's time to realize.  That we are all part of God, now.  It's what we finally realize.  We are brother sister to each other.  We are soul and flesh, that relieves our light (flight).  And when we are together, we learn to hear the plight (listen to all the stories).  It's time for us to shine.  To follow those who are blind(ing), because they shine their lights, so bright like stars, that blind (like the blinding sunlight which come from within).  I say, it's time for thine (for those who shine).  The four directions of time (from the buffalo home, we are Lakota, I stand upon a rolling hill in time, to shine my inner light, the morning star, my home.  we are all part of this phenomena, we are the children who learn the rising sun, welcome home rainbow clan to the dawn).

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter and Sacred Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand, elder lavender person, living fire of purification.  Sacred Song Blessings, for the World, Heaven on Earth.

Four Directions of Time: flesh -four directions of light (buffalo home, our holy temple, the hide), houses the soul -four directions of dark (soul's reflection, our inner sanctuary, the mind), that folds in space, light and dark (twin stars), this creates a flowing (wave), towards the middle (spiral), we call this evolution.  Native Americans (eldest souls, youngest bodies) or Star people (four directions walking and talking, the living blessing among other relatives) call it rolling hills in time.

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Singing the Heart of the Reflection by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother.   
For you we sing to know the wind, each day our love shines your way!  Do you believe in all the disease or are you going to let us in? For love is here and going to stay, when you let our hearts know the way, join with us to be with thee, for God is Great in liberty. Gift all we have in God's command and now we wait for you to hand, the love we long for each and roaming day, while we wait patiently for thee.  For Rainbow Warriors will come home to thee, when you remember the land of thee.  The land we seek is inside of thee, the Heaven's abounding company.  Let our hearts blow in the wind.  Let our minds be smiles again.  Let the sound of glory live again, when we sing hymns in loving winds again.  Hold on tight, it's going to be a bumpy ride, but we'll be here to hold on to each day, cause Great Spirits coming to save the wretched way, and we are going to be a Sacred Day, when we are here to love the Song God gives, the prayer of whims, the doors to the wind. We are going home, when we accept the time, when God lives here and we are going to Shine.  Keep the door open when we come home to thee, live inside our hearts with us and know the place of thee, for God is great and living liberty, when wings fly home and we can sea, the winds of time gifts us to be free. 
We Bless You!