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ALightFromWithin.Org Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy Presents to you "We Bless You" Blog series of Sacred Song Blessings for the World. Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman and Sacred Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle. Welcome into our Hearts and We Bless You!
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Friday, October 4, 2013

Prayer Date: 10042013 Let My Hair Down Holy Ghost Walking

Let my hair down to feel the clown. Inside where tears fall down. Let my hair down, to feel the crowd. Inside I want to fall down. When will they hear all the cheers, heaven is calling us home today. Let my hair down, streams of sound. Can I ride the light to the clouds! 

I can feel the world inside of me. I can feel the surmise inside of me. I can feel the crimes inside of me. Help me Great Spirit inside of me, "Let my hair down to feel like a clown". Let my hair down, to share all around. Inside where my soul resides. I want to light it out this way. I want to share the sparks within, with all my family in the wind.

Let my hair down, feel like a clown. Inside I want to fall down. Where my soul wants it to be gold, let my heart fall down. I am gleaming to outer space, because my  light is brighter than this place. Let my hair down, all in a frown, then let me tip it upside down. Let my hair down swing it around. Let my hair down streaming in the clouds. Let my hair down to feel all the waking ones. Great Spirits inside of me. 

I want to feel the world today, where we feel and walk this day. I want to share my soul with you, on about the sacred true. Let my hair down all in a song. Let my hair down, twinging all around. Let my hair down, singing it out. Let my hair down, my feet want to shout. I can dance around, feeling the making of the sound, music in my head led me here. Now I feel the wake, the place I set my plate. I let my hair down, sitting around. It's time for tears to swing free.

Where are we at, if we don't scat (move quickly around, illuminate/fire, move back to move forwards such as in dance or in singing to cleanse the soul, also the purification of waste, to cleanse the flesh). Where are we at if we don't prance. It's time to feel the waking of the wheel, all my relatives are coming home. Home, home, home in my heart. Home, home, set me free. Inside of my heart, the tears want a place to spark, to light a field to light my way home. Freedom, I want to ring, I want to set the singing king. I lift my soul today, to want to share my soul, a wave. There I let my hair down, all the streams of light abound. Cleansing cleaning all this seeding (second phase of evolution the orange rolling hill in time, the planted dreams), now it's time to come home (yellow rolling hill in time, where the dream is), growing like the clouds are born.

Today, the new moon rose up to show it's swoon. It said, "cradle me and witness, to love's kissing blooms. now it's time to save us, set love out in the loom. we are together, it's magic everywhere, when we share our light inside, the holy ghost (soul) presides (ghost walking). we are part of the mystified."  

White Buffalo Calf Woman sings to bring in the laughing weened (beloved children), where magic is a soul away, those who know the hit parade. Joy in all you dew, be thankful you have a view. All the colors in the sky, making it wide. It's a perspective of the flight. Holiness David Running Eagle save us, the Shooting Star in heaven now collides. He gifts you all his heart, bleeding half the arc, to show them love is coming soon. And right now, he sends his love, to cleanse and purify the way, the Earth and all she says. Beating the drum for you, sharing the heartfelt view. It's time to share the winds today. Let God inside of you sail the wave. Send your love, your prayers out there, not about the spiritual warfare, but about the loving arms, the embrace full of charm. (TRUE) Love is the greatest alarm (FEARED, sinners fear true love, because it cleanses them clean and protects the weened, the brave warrior who walks towards the conflict upon this world with spiritual fitness, compassion for all).

Gifted by, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, Angel Services Around the World

Ghost Walk  (Sing, Dance, Gather) with us (where you are) each New Moon. 
From the darkness we arise a heavenly child. 
(solar and lunar calender align, January 1, 2014, a cycle of renewal)
Event: Ghost Walk, the New Moon Dance
(Monthly three day gathering with the family and friends, relatives in the winds)
Official Title: Katchee Tope wha: “the Clouds that Dance Ceremony”

Dance when heat and cold (mist/smoke of the ghost) find each other bold, binding to bring in the new, the ghost dance comes to infuse, the soul has risen, awaken and driven, the heavenly soul does reign. Renegades put on your shelter (warriors uniform, buffalo armor, rainbow colors purified), because it's turning to helter skelter (confusion and frenzy, bubbling up the soul does reign).  White Buffalo Calf Woman sings

Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!