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Monday, January 10, 2011

Warriors Stand Up! The Wolves: Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy are Back in Town!

Sacred Song Blessings for the Wolves in our Hearts (warriors of the rainbow), We embrace man, rocks, animals, plants, all elements, the Oneness and our relatives on the hoops of the galaxy!

Come on Wolves,"let's show them how it's done, we are the quick gun"*

* One who can pierce the heart faster with love, knowing that standing up is the echo (validation) and spiritual embrace of separated hearts (hugs). And invites the soul to return to perfection, purified by fire, we demand freedom from this mire (prayer shared).  Instead joy is known, it's a rising sun, walk this way, my brother, let's point with our guns, bringing all who depart, HOME.

There we go on this trail, hiking to the other side. Let us adventure far and wide, to find the will of "Gods know hide"** 

**The hide out, a place not easily found or concealed, master of a household, a house, a pride, clan, hide, together, united, rainbow colors, inside of heaven as four directions of the holy temple, the soul is in control. Clandestine not for illicit, but for seekers of destiny where the hidden becomes revealed when two divergent/separated hearts meet/greet.  The rainbow warrior tries to identify the pure of heart, with the sacred bow, one heart bows, half circle, two hearts bow, a circle and unity of heaven. We shine with fire (lighting a fire/smoke) and bless the mire (sin/impure to pure hearts once more). We bow to greet the humble rainbow, the glory of water, that shouts, "I'm alive. Look upon my splendid colors!" Thou art great and divine. We seek this place, where it is hidden to be known. Derived from the same Semitic root j-n-n meaning 'to hide' or 'be hidden', or 'concealed'. A word for garden or Paradise, جنّة jannah, is a cognate of the Hebrew word גן gan 'garden',   In arid climates, gardens have to be protected against desertification by walls; this is the same concept as in the word paradise from pairi-daêza, an Avestan word for garden that literally means 'having walls built around'. Thus the protection of a garden behind walls implies it being hidden from the outside. Thus we are to be known, by welcoming the heart of the loyal blue from heaven, within the garden walls of red earth.

It's the place of clans do greet, when we open our hearts to meet.  All we have to do is stand, upon the heart of a living man.  

I come to you to share the news, it's time for us to fall into bloom. The soul has risen and takes command. I'm a warrior and here I stand.  Let us share a heart indeed, to bring us down upon our knees. Bless and pray for all we see, the flowers, grass is green.  And the animals they do roam, just like us down the road.  Pick a trail, all does see, what you left behind for me (energy resonance of what was left behind of you).  I want to share my heart with you, because when you come, you will feel me too. And here I stand upon the hill, looking out ward, I do kill (devastation and destruction). I find a place, I know not see, but now my ignorance will get the best of me. I will lift this world to know, that I will long to be a relative shore (united with everything). I kill to bring destruction home. I kill to bring those lost horns home (warriors down, or warriors of earth rather than warriors of heaven). I kill to bring a new world born, but I don't kill to harm.  I kill only to protect my arms.  I demand you bless with me today, sow we can plant the seeds of love this way. For our hearts will roam forever you see, we decide together how we bleed (suffer for love).  

So I protect all life.  Sow I protect all life. Sow I will plant my love today, and know that killing was a way to pray (blessing with fire to destroy impure and bring anew, not prey).  I know it's (gasping for air, the next three words are said silently) "True in Me".  I know it's true in me (tears and trembling lips). I know it's true in me (breathing difficult). I know it's true in thee (you).  I know it's true in love.  I know it's true, because you are God (voice of heaven upon earth). I know because I feel this way. I know because my tears display (tears and silence, crying). I feel your pain inside of me, because you are my relative don't you sea (vision with a heart).  (tears roll down over the hills and feed a new world, I release my pain to gain) I have a place to go.  I know it's a sacred rainbow.  We are part of the blue, the heavenly stream, the soul that remains, always perfectly glean (separation from the chaff and the seeds from the grass or whole, to collect grain left by reapers or destruction, to seek truth of heaven in stead). I want you to show your heart.  Come relative pray with me.  Show me that you don't mind my love this day, then I will put my gun away.  I won't have to kill you.  Because we found prayer instead.  We became (tears swell up) relatives again, from far shores, we did begin (crying, coming home instead on the blue road).  

We have been looking for you (said in tears). We have traveled so far (tears rolling down our faces).  And we have missed you so much (crying together bowing down in prayer). We have been far away.  And now we find our world is changing. And to find a relative again, means I'm closer to you.  You are closer to me.  We shall grow a big family (wiping the tears). 

The wolves tell us the way, even foxes that must display (a beautiful dance of love as they greet one another, White Buffalo Calf Woman says, "I feel so ignorant this moment, of course our dogs, wolves and foxes try to teach us, how to greet each other this way, the sacred love dance, as they always are ecstatic about our arrival, it's in the blood, the warrior call".), how wonderful to greet your heart. I missed you, now look "How Great Thou Art" (just envision wolves greeting each other, so happy in joy).  There we go it's another day. There we go, it's heaven paved.  We must look deep inside, to find the real living pride (clan of the blue, the heavenly true).  And when we go on our path. We seek harmony at last. We fight to unite broken hearts, everywhere, because we do DARE.  We are warriors beyond compare.  Heaven come home in me. Heaven teach me to be sweet. Heaven open my heart.  Heaven teach me all knowledge and impart.  

Wolves where you go each living day, warriors of the rainbow as you display, unity comes first before your mind, because thought is after all just a part.  And we must show it's heaven's girth. It's love beyond all our worth.  It's the path that grows beyond and here, where we step upon/onto the road without fear.  And it's heaven that longs within the breeze, we must hold each other instead of sneeze (wind blowing to the other side, rather than staying still to be embraced).  And the wind is to carry us forth, but the whole of us always travel north (returning to heaven, through destruction, the fire blessing, the north star always guides the way), because it's a star, that shines unity, the grand star (grandfather white or star of unity) that we all need, humility.  Bow down and pray as one heart. Share stories as you impart.  Know glory comes upon you and me, because we are ONE family tree.  And it's warriors who make their mark. It's when we stand to impart, that law of love lives right here, and "we all become living", without fear.

Golden roads appear in front of me, all my dreams are rampant and running free and I know it's where our hearts glow, because we are the prophecy of the rainbow. And we are coming home to you.  We are coming home to the true. We are coming forth to me and you. We are going to be part of this blue. Heaven live in me, this very day.  Heaven is the free feeling in the breeze, let our souls fly high in the winds. Let us blow heaven where all does begin. 

The crystalline road inside me, appear sow (plant my love) I can sea (vision with a heart) free (to be my dream).  Let me shine all that is thine (oneness of great and small). Let me shine, all my part this time.  Let the perfect road appear, where my heart is not always still (red road), but I know I must start here on this road (blue road), the sacred embrace, the place that leads to Gold (yellow road, united). I am willing to bow down with you, knowing you are part of this heavenly blue.  And my soul demands, sow does true (of heart.  Rainbow Warriors demand the bow, to know who is true, love blooms here soon, guns are put down, because one family appeared, the heart of heaven, where love roams clear). And my fire (rainbow colors: Fire is the unity of all color and it's blessing purifies all rainbow colors. We do this is the spiritual world-blue road, we must imitate it in the physical world-red road in order to ensure sanctuary of heaven-unity on the yellow road.) will bless all of you.  I'm going to the garden of paradise where all is free. I going to have all my dreams appear to thee (morning star, holy and sacred place to be, to dream). And we shall hold hands and keep company, because we did bow down and believe. There was faith you showed the way. There was faith and true of heart was displayed and I know, we belong to everyone, all we have to do is learn to put down our guns.  But it's leaning on love we demand.  How we do this, it's a command.  Heaven demands, purify your heart, then all will be paradise a lost art.  And we will begin  ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ to remove all sin  ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ to know heaven lives in our hearts  ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ and we simply must do our part  ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

Rainbow warriors who come and lead the way.  They will teach you all how to pray.  It's not what you say, but how you act this day.  To embrace the words, to share what was heard, the echo in time, we call love.  It's time for us to chime.  All the elements are not blind, but have vision with their hearts. Remember to do your part.

White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother Sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star our Father Red Hand drums for the heart of the Wolves. Sacred Song Blessings for the Wolves in our Hearts (warriors of the rainbow), We embrace man, rocks, animals, plants, all elements, the Oneness and our relatives on the hoops of the galaxy! Inspired to be written by Grandfather Holy Spirit, for those who misunderstand the word kill and who continue to use aerial killing (brutal slaughter) in Alaska. We bless Wolf Warriors, in order to save Wolves around the world, who show us to become Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy. "Don't see him off with your hair still in curlers, you may never see him again" (Tom Jones, 1960's) and "When you do see him again, you can do the Love Dance, to invite him home into heaven once more through you", says Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star. To read more about the Wolf Warrior, please visit

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!