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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Connection, the Gemar HaTikkun (path ends and begins) Towards Malchut (the kingdom)

There is a life boat out there. It's shining in the seas. I can feel the washing river come on over inside of me. We want to grow forever. We want to shine in the seas. We want to know salvation. Won't you follow me? I say it's freedom. I say it's true blue. I say it's wonder. It's all about you and me too. We are forever. We are the mighty. We are the growing the feeling the rowing the wheeling can't see inside of me? I wish for rainbows, to connect all of my relativity. I wish for brethren to find my ships to sail free. I wish for all my sisters, to know it's time to set this sails free. Share the heart inside of all that is relativity.

Climb aboard. You seem ship wrecked today. Climb aboard and heaven will hold you on this rough and tumble waves. We will be beholden to the rafts that show their face, just to connect us to the next sailing rays. Where have they gone now? Where have then blown? Where have the life boats gone, instead of home? I say they are driven, to carry others home. They are driven to make this a holy happy tone. And it's together. It's a merry go round weather. It's a time. It's sublime. It's heavenly sent this time. We are looking for the makings of a holy tune. We are working back together making it all bloom. And each shard of light, divine with each other's sight. We can sail again free, just one more ship to sail my brothers home free. 

Freedom reign. Let it's throne become known again. Freedom reign. Let us know about the rolling sacred stones. We are born to bee, loving helping hands to even our enemies. We are there to shine another hands in loving and divine. WE are born to become, the sacred rolling hills of storms. We are sharing our hands, together we are here to demand....................................... love take a stand. We are here, to hear all of holy man's arrears. Everything we did we thought a mistake, take my hand and we will lead our knowledge to this place.................................................... We will connect all the continuum to this affair, where we are learning to lock everyone's hair. Streaming together.

Let me share this hand with you. Let me share my wisdom too/two. Let me shine on through, because your hands were next to me too. I will know the waves, because you were there to help me save. I will shine a light, to let others find their own sight. And we will connect this world to make us all learn how to share. Love is the waking hands of God. Love is the waking hands of all this crackling facade. And with this I witness, it's a shining prayer in the winds. I send to you.........................................., my loving view......................................  Great Mother too.......................... She sends her love to you................... It's perfect dear. My loving cheer. it's time to weep. it's time to keep, all that is sacred true, the wine that cries out of you, all those tears you sent, I send my love in the wind. And with this loving tale I share, all my children learn to be aware. We are kingsmen everyone. We are relatives under the sun ((King, Christ or crystal children everywhere, through their ONENESS vision or perspective and duty as celestial king/s. And this also is representative to whom we are all born unto (or will be born unto as SUNS) the Golden Cosmic Father/s or golden children everywhere, who brings brotherhood cleansing to all of the heavenly fields, the blue hoop)). We are children divine. We are looking to chime. We are sharing our hearts in the waves that make us holy arks.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Twin Deer Mother says hello. And Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star Father Red Hand holds you near. Let our kisses fly into you, where the cosmic storms imbue, all the crackling in the sky, to turn our visions open wide. Let the buffalo run in the sky. Let the holy people know the wise, where the circle comes as ONE. We are children of the rainbow clan.

The Tikkun of the Gemar HaTikkun (the final repair of all things, the completion), the path to the end of all things in the World of Action, is also the path to the beginning (Kings, kingships or kinships, all our relatives)... shared by Grandmother Walks on Stones. 

Tikkun Olam: The Spiritual Purpose of Life (repairing the world) Isaac Luria, the renowned sixteenth century Kabbalist, used the phrase “tikkun olam,” usually translated as repairing the world, to encapsulate the true role of humanity in the ongoing evolution and spiritualization of the cosmos. Luria taught that God created the world by forming vessels of light to hold the Divine Light. But as God poured the Light into the vessels, they catastrophically shattered, tumbling down toward the realm of matter. Thus, our world consists of countless shards of the original vessels entrapping sparks of the Divine Light. Humanity’s great task involves helping God by freeing and reuniting the scattered Light, raising the sparks back to Divinity and restoring the broken world. Read more ...

Artistry by Grandmother Walks on Stones
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Join us at Hoop 6 (Stepping Stone) - Teach what is right, that law is the LOVE, then when two hearts is united, we share with intelligence. However if LOVE doesn't lead the way, then we fight to unite LOVE, two broken hearts, then we know that we are walking the truth path, the love to each other, the kind that lasts, over rolling hills in time, over the suns, and into the heart of the blue seas of every one. We are the Prophecy, the Rain upon the Land, so parched, it will need a Rainbow, to serve it home the right way and know where to land (the Rainbow always lands on the pot of gold, abundance, brotherhood)! "I Bless Myself" and "I Bless the World" 

All our Relatives, Please, Please join Us
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Ghost Walk  (Sing, Dance, Gather) with us (where you are) each New Moon.
 From the darkness we arise a heavenly child, a divine light from within.

Image of a beaming field by Grandmother Upon the Hill, a gray child, 
streaming stones among the mountain tones and buried bones,
 the Suns are born (children of the rainbow clan, all our relatives, the spacial fields). 

Relatives of the Rainbow Clan,  

You and you and you and you and me too. We have entered the Dawning (re/birthing). We start to flow where it's the spiritual growth, the Great Push (January 1, 2014) has begun. We need you to share and shine, to bring in wine, tears divine. We send greetings and blessings as we join together in this dance, the Holy Ghost, the Spiritual toast, we greet you to the sky and back to the why, where we say, forgiveness is treasures, let joy overcome. Tonight it's a way to let love under ONE. We cherish this world, because we are SUNS, each child, each enemy, each parent with a child. All the the little creatures, the rocks and the sticks. All the little varmints (rats, social interrogatory) which pick up the holy wicks (spat, now let's go to work), sparking the willing to have faith in a song, where are all together, moving along. We send blessings in this song. Let your hair down, sing and dance abound. For it's the spiritual soul within that leads and says, Holy to my Spirit, for I am going to bloom. I will share with this world. I will shine until NOON (inner brightest like a Star). We will become treasures when we pray along, together in a song, all together God's ONE. All the little spiders, who weave us to cradle the song. Telling us a story, that look out, watch the bones. There planted deeply a treasure under the stone, if we look closer, we might want to shown, love gifts and hooves (kicks and shoves, like parents on a rug).
 Bowing with all our Relatives, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Event: Ghost Walk, the New Moon Dance
(Monthly three day gathering with the family and friends, relatives in the winds)
Official Title: Katchee Tope wha: “the Clouds that Dance Ceremony”

Dance when heat and cold (mist/smoke of the ghost) find each other bold, binding to bring in the new, the ghost dance comes to infuse, the soul has risen, awaken and driven, the heavenly soul does reign. Renegades put on your shelter (warriors uniform, buffalo armor, rainbow colors purified), because it's turning to helter skelter (confusion and frenzy, bubbling up the soul does reign).  White Buffalo Calf Woman sings
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Pray With Elders around the World
Image by Aunt Daneen Seasons That Sing, Silver Child
Paradise gleams, the field in the trees, dew in the breeze!
Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!