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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Idyllwild Mountain Center Blessings!

The days of going home is near, and we bless all the family who do care, and our Mountain Center need us there.  Protect the ones who devote their lives.  Protect the place where all survives, and find the way to show the day, how we can be the blessed free. 

Come home this day, my loving place.  Bless all we do, to protect this place, and while those who seek the way, let us be grateful for this day!  Come home my love, come home to near, the heart is inside of all the fears.  We keep the place we love to keep safe inside our hearts of belief. 

Teach all who gather everyone.  Teach them all to send love to those who hate.  Teach all those who don't know their way, to send clouds of better days.  When Communications leave their tracks, then all is forwards and not to last, but they do not understand the need, and the space to protect those who gift their lives in grace.

In a day, when we use petitions to sign, At and t will have much more to hide.  They will get more petitions to sign, because they use money to lead the way. And since they don't understand the need to protect the land, or protect the leaves (relatives), then we shall send them blessings too, because they need love more than the firefighters do. 

Let us all bless and bless this space, especially Doris who leads the way, for she is good hearted and asked for their needs, this is the Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy.  And thank you all Great Spirits above, to bring us home soon, for all the doves, and shall our hearts remember to bless, while others fight the illusion of threats.  To return the love to those who hate, is more righteous that man could think, for we are devoted servants, who know, that Blessings carry more weight than even snow (the crystalline stone river, because blessings provide the way into this eternal river of oneness upon the land).  

We shall return all the land to God, especially those who are devoted to her (Mother Earth).  And we bless the sky that leads the way, to pour her heart out and bring rain today!

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
"Let us not bring disgrace with all those structures! Let us keep her face beautiful, always! Let us learn to make beauty in all we do, to gift the heart of all who new! (the new way, of beauty for all)"

Keep Idyllwild & Firefighters Safe From Wildfires Send Blessings to All Involved

Commissioners of the Riverside County Planning Department
Sponsored by: Doris P. Telles
Send love and blessings instead to those who need love to lead the way!

Wireless Telecommunications Tower Construction at
28200 McCall Park Road, Mountain Center, California 92561
Plot Plan #22340 - APN 557-070-017-2 will not

Keep Idyllwild Safe from Fires or Keep Our Firefighters Safe from Harm!
Bend their will and send blessings to them, to see the heart of all that could, and we will reign sovereign to all who walk in dismay, when they think money will lead the way!

Fire Offers Purification

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