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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gather in Sunshine, Gather in Night's Glow, Gather Over Rainbows, as We are One Clan, the Rainbow Clan.

Gather in Sunshine, I hold on to your love. Gather in Nightlight, I hold on to your love.  Gather in music, I hold on to your love.  Gather forever, I hold on to your love.  Gather in seas, across the bubbling sea.  Gather in the wind, feeling swift again.  Tell my Brother, do you see over the hills?  Tell me my Sister, do you gather and fill?  Gathering Sunshine to fill up our hearts.  Gather in Night time, where dreams hold us to thine. Gather my Sisters, upon the face of illuminating grace. Those who stand up for, the Warrior down, upon his face.  Tell the world, we are coming.  Herds as mighty in the Kingdom of God.  Hear the roar of thunder, it's a balancing sword.  Tear the face of injustice, into shreds (purify, with fire ceremonies), that light the sky.  Rainbow colors, that's where I hide (within, the light shines, a soul resides).  Gather in sunlight, I hold on to your love.  Gather at nightlight, I hold on to this dove (together, we flock).   Feel the skies tumbling down. Don't you want to feel this drown, reigning on your parade, but cleansing the day, when Brothers Sisters, remember to pray.

Gather in Sunshine, I hold on to your love.  Gather in spring time, I hear the clouds emerge.  Feel the roar of thunder, upon the mighty herds.  God is coming now, upon the land, it's a scurge.  And when the healing has come upon this land.  Gather in Sunshine, and Demand.  Where do you think you are going, if not upon this world?  Here is a place God gifted, to Man, in his Girth.  Gather in Sunshine.  Hold on to my love.  We are upon the face of this Earth, and Strong and Mighty, like Doves.  Gather in Sunshine, feel it glowing on your face.  Know where the shout stands, to make our hearts a living grace.  Gather Sunshine, to hold our Brothers hands.  Gather in night luminousity, make your stand.  

Many Rainbow Clan, make a mighty stand.  We are part of God, because we know the call.  We hear the winds of time.  We sing our hearts and our minds.  We are the Gatherers of Sunlight from within, we shine.  Gather in Sunshine, hold on to our love.  We are Mighty Rainbows, to Storm like a Herd.  Gather Sunlight, feel the tromp (to trample, stomp, defeat soundly and decisively) of your face, telling you how to believe, not allowing your perfect grace.  But if we hold their hands (Through, a driving rhythm, a fast tempo and heavy stamping of the feet along the red road, we tromp the "lively social dance", the sundance of our perfection. We become like a blast furnace, where fire and water greet and meet, through the purification rituals and blessings. And we become the essence where smoke, steam and clouds emerge an atmosphere, needed for paradise and the breath of life, for all our realitves, heavenly or earthly.  We realize, we are the "Sun Dance" and "Gatherers of Light From Within"), and make them understand, that freedom comes, when they trust their hearts instead (not their intelligence).  It's evolution's call. And it's time for us to fall.  Down upon our knees we pray, God save the day.  Gather Sunshine, to hold your hands. Gather in Nightlight, to understand.  It's a too and fro, my heart simply knows, that you need our love, it's what you understand, but you feel, no one knows, how hard it is to grow, but Sunshine always knows.

Gather in Sunshine, Gather in Night's glow, gather over rainbows, as we are one clan.  Gather over the seas.  Gather over the lands.  Gahter together to make a stand.  It's a rainbow clan.  We are mighty, because we hold God's hands. We are the rainbow clan, because we trust our hearts and sing. We are the rainbow clan, we know, the many splendid colors bring, the whole of divine, the whole of man that shines.  We are a light from within.  The heart that learns to breath, we are the light within, the place, God leads us to shine.  Gather in your sunshine. Gather in your dreams. We are going home to divinity.  

It's time to hold on close. Trust the heart, and lean this most, upon the heart of man, who takes a dip, to understand.  Over sailing seas, my heart belongs to thee. It's in the wind we sail, from shore to shore, into Galilee, it's a promise land. It's a place, we stand.  It's where our dreams come from, to end upon in the sun. Gather in Sunshine. Gather in the Night. Know it's our hearts, that sing, believing in everything.  It's time to dream.  Gather with love.  Gather light or darkness.  Gather and bless.  Gather, and know, the sacred nest.  Gather to be one time, the sailing of dream in thine. Gather to be one heart, longing to sail, to distant parts.  It's oneness, one sea, one lake for you and me.  It's one time, it's one place, it's one heart, you and me. It's one sign, it's a new time, it's evolution that shines. It's where my heart knows, how to start, to Gather in Sunshine.

Gather in Sunshine, I hold your hand.  Gather in Night's dreams, I understand, Hold our hearts near you, to bee a true, life for you and me. Gather in Sunshine, I hold your love, inside my heart, I feel, like a dove.  I Gather, to illuminate the Stars. 

Holiness David Drums and White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings.08/16/2010

Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!

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