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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Morning Prayer, Hoops of the Universe and for the Winds

Sacred Song Blessings Morning Prayer 

As we rise up and sing to the world, we find our hearts are surprised at what is real. Can you taste all the music we feel each day?  Can we rise up to hear our own rays?  In the morning, when I rise to do my prayers. I can feel thee, the heart who lingers is rarely rare, but to see it true, to reflect the heart in you.  That's what I must have a place to do.

I come to you, to feel the beat in my heart.  I can say at first, it seemed such a spark, but then we lingered and really saw what's worth, but we failed to realize, how important God's love is heard.  And we walk away in silence, instead of prayer and golden highlands.  We are comparing the dream with thee.  I say really, do we really believe.  That we are humble, and know God is we are not willing to shout, our hearts out.  Our hearts devout.  

(drum, changed position from side to side, to down below, which hurt on the red road. I asked him to right himself with shifting back, harmony began again, the song did flow) 

Where we go, it's the rapid show. Time does bend near our hearts. I can feel, all that's real, when I'm down to bow. And my soul does rise up to shine like surprise, the rainbow does cling, to the shining begin.  And where I do rise, my heart is filled realized, that I love you. Heaven is really true. Beg with me, differences let it breeze. Help our souls, to know it's all the favored rainbow.  And when we kiss, there is a bliss, to shine within. And there we begin.  Our hearts lean towards the winds.

And where we flow the sacred rainbow.  We go towards you, and bestow.  There I know your name, gone to have such fame, but return do you, back to what is really true.  The heart does gleam a song you need each day in the winds, to show you where the heart compares. But if we are the place of heaven inside of thee, we climb the breeze, heaven's knees.  WE are blowing free.

Come share with me, when the morning star does shine true. I rise with you, to bring my day to blossom and bloom.  I know it's what we need each day, to bring us closer to the hearts rays. And then we reckon our souls, to make it overflow. For Love is here, it's really near, come feel our hearts in the winds.  And heavne begin, to blossom again, we know it's all worth. And if we shine, into the light, we gain the heart without plight, the red road brings cheer of heaven that is always near.

Sacred Song Blessings for the Hoops of the Universe
I bless you. I bless you.  I feel you. I feel you.  I am blue.  I am blue.  I am red. I am read. I am yellow, the stone of the fellow. I am blue cross over you and red greet my heart, the soul that imparts, the grains of sands in time, now come home to command.

I bless you, nine sacred directions true. I bless you, my heart is willing too.  I come towards you, to be the sacred tree. And I need you, for blossoms in the breeze.  I bless you, the place my soul does grow. I bless you, the lingering hold. I bless you, the divine sacred dew. I bless you, my heart is solid true.

Sacred Song Blessings for the Winds
There we rumble and roar, to know the loud snore, the place we cross over the babbling brook. And my heart literally finds comfort in the breeze, for sails are put up for the mighty seas, from me to thee.  I say, we are going home, to where lives the thrones, of the kingdoms of God, were are are not small, but shouts. We are humbled each one, to bring us nearer to the sun. And my story overflows, when I come home to your knows.

If we seek a place of wisdom, we know God is here to listen. to beat of my heart, and the location I did start. I am willing to become the mighty radiant sun, the place my heart does feel sacrilige, and my soul is exploding to create an unloading of what is impure, to what is dear, for all to know.  We are the sacred snow of winter, we wake up in the spring and summer we do blossom and bow in the breeze. And fall is what is grateful, for all the rewards we reap, to cultivate salvation, in taking care of what is late (even if the crop is late). 

We are forever going to heaven, to seek the land we are leavened.  And the days do bring us paradise, when we shine from within. And if we look out at the stables, we are here to make our labels, we are full of heaven's surprise each day.  The waking of a shadow, does make it all matter, the place we walk down hand in hand.  And there times when we are troubled, then embracing seems to double, as arms about from heaven you make literally. come share the knocks upon my knees.

There we go to the table, with certain stable manners, to bring in harmony that lasts eternally. And strife is measure we are able to dear our hearts we are able, to bring the path of salvation that lasts and lasts.  We can find worth at any table, as long as we are humble and able to bow down to the this earth that gifts us all it's girth.  And the soul reaps the harvest, the circle of life is graffic, but who else is willing to die for love? And we are going home now, to bring it into the loom pow, the place we walk and talk the sacred way. 

There we find the fable, the story with the label, that rings in our hearts so true.  If we go looking for the dream world and make it all real worth, then you will know discomforts on any path. But love always guides us home to be stable, to be the perfect label, to bring us home, together, in a sacred time, the rolling hills of love, that shine.

June 29, 2011
White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star Drums. 

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!

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