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Monday, September 23, 2013

Prayer Date: 09232013 River of the Tortoise

The River of Nine on the Back of the Tortoise Shell. It is written in the i-ching story (hexagrams of 64), the Star of David, the crystalline stone, ah written in stone, the story of the nine streams of the rainbow bridge (magenta, the great caretaker, a red robe along the red road), the place between heaven and earth, the song and the dance. However this is all about the red road, intelligence, paradise, color frequencies, stones, not the actually the river, more like streams that find the river or float through the river.  The tortoise teach us to look around in the four directions. We have four directions in rainbow colors written on our holy buffalo robe, which travel over these nine streams of light trails, written all in a row, however every which way we go, there is a pattern of weather that emerges, just like people express. We as a whole share in the winds of time and we all access through our dreaming. It's more about receiving information, however the red road is about giving information and receiving is more difficult and this is why we tell stories, to help us receive knowledge from each other, while we travel over the red road. The soles walk a path on the whether which color of the rainbow will fly by me in this mystifying sea, envisioning dream.

Image of Korean Painting with Crane, Deer and Tortoise

There the streams are falling inside of me. I can feel the rolling hills glow and fulfill me. And the trees they are bountiful under the sun. I am sharing this dream with everyone. Shine in the sky, let my eyes out. There swimming in the river it's all about, the grand tortoise knows, it's upon our sacred toes. One at a time, all in a row. We are the streaming flowing of the Sacred Rainbow. 

Heaven shine on me today, where the bridge of falling rainbow display. We are gifted to majesty, where the mushrooms are fit to be. All the treasures in the world, the sky is full of birds fulfilled. We are storks in the night of the moon. We are driven to the river in bloom. And the Deer want to play, to gift their heart in the migration daze. We are together, under the moon, under the sun, all great big one, Mother Earth we have begun.

Listen with your heart, paradise will shine. All those mountains in the distance will chime. We are driven together, one more chance for better whether, it's prescribed. Now open our eyes, there we will find four directions that bind. There we will find, four rolling hills that bind. There will find there, the great despair....... risen upon the sacred hair. Let us drive these streams to where open is beams, pure sunlight in the air. If only everyone blessed out there. It's a time for strange to begin, only to listen to the sacred wind, we need more. We need to enstore, all the visions our lives together. We are meshed in a blanket full of despair, yet love gifts us comfort in the air. 

Such a story that lives inside of you and me. Such a glory, the rings of hoops and songs. There is a story where the Tortoise moves us along, upon the four directions of a song. We are flying in the sky tonight. We are flying in the waves of delight. We are flying with our souls complete, because we haven't lost our feet. And we will walk a holy path, just to teach about the waves that last. We are eternal you see, coming round the corner to be, all of us are family, the Rainbow Clan will set us free.

Brotherhood show me, where the rocks and the trees, share the deer and the goat, all that goes up in smoke. Let the lamb call me, to where the pigeons fly free. Brotherhood ride those nine roads, where the streaming colors shine in me too. I am flying on by, sharing my sacred ride. I want to be next to you, where we are sharing our view. Heaven come on home to me and you, where the River of the Tortoise finds you. We are the migration task of opening our masks. We are sharing true, what lies deep in you. There we will find a way, to tell a story we did pray. One more sin wiped away. One more glory of praise.

It's a Mother who bears a child, to show us a River that smiles and it's you and me, the stars of heaven set free. We are on this Mother we call Earth, she gifs it all to this girth, where the Tortoise shares the story true, where nine streams flow right through you. Rainbow bridge, the magenta child will show you through, for it's the song and dance you knew. It's above, below it's you, all around in hues. 

I bless this sacred world, a play pen for us to stare, into dreams we all will share.

White Buffalo Calf Woman sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star drums for all the Sacred Suns, the Rainbow Clan upon this land. We bow with the Grand Tortoise, for carrying us in the four winds with the story of the nine streams on his back. We bless with fire and smoke, the holy toke, the making of a boat and with water, we paddle our woe, over the waves we grow, one more prayer to flow.

Gifted by, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, Angel Services Around the World

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